Tool re-grinding

Tool Re-grinding Services

With many years of experience in tool and cutter grinding behind us, RHC Tooling are pleased to offer a full tool re-grinding service complete with weekly collection and delivery if required. With the RHC Tooling team strategically placed within easy reach of motorway networks, we are able to offer our service almost anywhere within the UK when required.

Tool Re-grinding

Our tool re-grinding services provide reground tooling and reground saw blades to all major industries such as aerospace, defence and medical, as well as small precision engineering companies. We specialise in tool regrinding and tool recoating of almost all cutting tools used throughout the engineering industry.

Urgent enquiries also accommodated

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Tool Re-grinding

Specialist equipment inclusive of four Schneeberger five-axis manufacturing and tool re-sharpening CNC machines, 23 traditional grinding machines, and a comprehensive array of inspection equipment.

Tool Re-grinding

Examples of the types of cutters to re-sharpened are:

  • Metal cutting Saw Blades - Re-ground / Re-cut / Trepan
  • Regrinding Segmental Saw Blades
  • Regrinding Ripper Cutters
  • Regrinding End Mills
  • Regrinding Slot Drills
  • Regrinding Carbide End Mills
  • Regrinding Drills / Jobber Drills / Taper shank Drills / Spade Drills / Slot Drills / Engraving tools
  • Drill point grinding up to 80 mm diameter
  • Regrinding Rota Bores
  • Regrinding Side and Face Cutters – straight and staggered teeth
  • Regrinding Carbide step Drills / Spot-weld Drills
  • Regrinding Countersinks / taps
  • Regrinding Food Industry Gristle knives and mincing plates
  • Regrinding Hobs, Gear cutters, broaches
  • Regrinding chisels and cutting tools for Schools