Tool Management

At RHC Tooling, we understand that tooling can be an essential part of a manufacturing operation, and that if a company wishes to thrive and remain competitive, the control of this resource, via a tool management system, is vital.

RHC Tooling is pleased to offer several alternatives in terms of full or part packages of tool management systems:-

  • From simply assisting in the placement, control and retrieval of existing tooling from existing tool cabinets.
  • To providing new fully equipped tool cabinets designed to accommodate your tooling via our free survey service.
  • From providing a tool management software system to link to you existing systems
  • To supplying Intelligent Storage Systems, a fully computerised tool cabinet system complete with built in tool management and inventory control software.

Intellicab from RHC Tooling is a tool management / stock inventory system which is designed to give total control of tools throughout a company.

Huge cost savings and increased productivity can give a payback of months when any quality Tool Management system is implemented.

Research has shown that:

  • 20% of a machinist's time is spent looking for tools.
  • 16% of scheduled jobs were stopped by a lack of tooling.
  • 40-80% of a supervisor's time is spent chasing tools.
  • 30-60% of tool inventory is out of control.

Intellicab Tool Management from RHC Tooling is an integrated system, which can accommodate your specific requirements and can provide control over the lifecycle of cutting tools, parts, components, safety equipment etc.

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