Tool Cabinets and Tool Storage Cabinets

By using well organised tool storage cabinets, RHC Tooling can easily demonstrate to you, the benefits you can achieve in terms of increased tool life and reduction of lost time that may be simply achieved by effective use of tool cabinets.

Tool Storage Cabinets

Looking to prolong the life of existing tooling?

Are you damaging tooling by inappropriate tool storage methods?

Do you want to reduce set-up times?

Do you want secure manageable inventory control?

Do you want to reduce tooling re-ordering quantities?

One of the easiest ways to achieve all of the above is simply to store tooling correctly and efficiently. By having effective tool storage, you can lengthen the tool life-span, and reduce potential handling damage to the tool.

By having the right tools, stored in the correct location, and clearly visible, many hours of valuable machinist’s time can be saved by the reduction of “seek time". If each tool has its own location area; and knowing when re-ordering is necessary becomes a simple task, along with stock-taking etc.

With over 30 years Industrial Engineering experience inclusive of more than 15 years specialist tool storage system expertise, RHC Tooling are independent and in an ideal position to advise, survey and provide the solution to all of your tool storage problems.

Tool Storage Cabinets

RHC Tooling can offer a comprehensive range of storage solutions and from a variety of quality suppliers. We have many years of experience of specifying specifically the Famepla and Fami ranges of workshop equipment but are able also to work with many other leading and specialist manufacturers, including CasC Systems, the manufacturers and designers of Intelligent Locking Systems.

RHC Tooling believes that success is founded on the expertise of its staff and the all-encompassing service it provides.

Our product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of tool storage cabinets, workstations, tool storage systems, trolleys, transportation systems, containers, shelving and racking.

Tool Storage Cabinets

To discuss your tool storage requirement or tool cabinet needs contact RHC Tooling today where we can offer help and advice and organise a free no-obligation survey if required.