PARK TOOL approval awarded to RHC Tooling

RHC Tooling is proud to announce that it has been selected as official re-grinding partners for Park Tool in the U.K.

This followed a series of trials which were conducted through These involved test grindings of several different models of Park reamers and facers for several of Madison’s most exacting clients. Only once the quality of the work had been fully verified by the end users was approval given.

Chris Brattle U.K. brand manager for Park Tool: “We have for some time been trying to find a prompt and high quality cutting tool refurbishment service for our clients. We wanted an easy to deal with one-stop shop which would be able to re-grind and sharpen all models of Park’s renowned cutters, facers and reamers.

We appreciate that these tools are a significant investment for any cycle business and are glad to be able to recommend a service which can not only keep your tools in top working order but greatly extend their working life.

Feedback from our test group showed that RHC can not only provide all the services needed but promise to do so whilst maintaining the high standards of customer service Madison and Park are known for. We are happy to recommend them to our clients.”

RHC Tooling cover the whole of the UK and tools sent for work are normally turned around within 7-days. Just contact them by phone or e-mail one of their on the road agents for a quote and the rest is simple.

Contact details: London and the South Midlands and the North
RHC Park Hotline: 01284 717184

This is a new venture for RHC but we are already looking into providing online booking and quotation services should demand be sufficient.

We look forward to hearing from you.