Inventory Control

Inventory control is one area that differentiates between successful and unsuccessful companies

It is defined as the ability to control the supply, storage and accessibility of items, in order to insure an adequate supply, without excessive oversupply.

The clamour to satisfy the above has led to a lot of overly sophisticated pieces of software that are not designed for ease of use, but are designed to be a one-stop answer to cover all eventualities.

Our software has been designed to break out of this mould, and we have kept the end user firmly in mind with the ideology that if it is simple - people will use it.

The creation of revenue for your company can be achieved by reducing all non-value added processes. Removing stock shortages and allowing employees to do the job they are paid for are keystones to this.

If you are looking to take control and do not wish to be forced down a route of having software that is not suitable for your company, neither do you wish to be unduly influenced by a specific manufacturer by adopting their software, then talk to RHC Tooling today.